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  5. The scent of her…


  6. When Courtney hugged Dave. :’)

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    NIRVANA acceptance speech Rock&roll hall of fame

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    Nirvana with a little bit of Joan Jett.

  10. New(ish) tattoo I got at Kent Tattoos in Dartford thanks the the amazing artist that is Marv Parker. Going for another one in two weeks.

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    "We were branded Satan worshippers back home. Fuck, this girl came knocking on our door looking for a wallet and she goes, ‘You know what all the other kids told me in the neighborhood? Don’t go there, they worship the Devil.’ That’s why nobody ever bothered us. We would neither confirm or deny Satanic affiliations." - Krist Novoselic.

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    First marijuana oil-infused pizza shop opens in Vancouver

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